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CFO Synergy, Inc. is a unique form of temporary and project-based consulting service aimed at providing practical and fundamentally sound advice to our client base. We offer "Experienced Financial Expertise on Demand"!

Our Services

The guiding principle of CFO Synergy is the provision of "Life and Common Sense Ideas for Today's Chief Financial People". We do not offer expensive theoretical approaches that are unproven. You will receive strong basic and proven solutions.

CFO Synergy supports owner-operators, private equity health care organizations and public companies in four primary services:



Support with expertise that can have an immediate impact. With virtually no learning curve in many industries, the introduction as an Interim CFO becomes seamless and productivity is immediate.

Business Direction

allows our extremely seasoned professionals to offer immediate insight to revise or set corporate strategy in private or public entities, resulting in enhanced service levels, improved efficiency and profitability gains.

Temporary Change Agent

Support will focus on turnaround situations needing financial restructuring, integration of acquisitions or carving out of divestitures where existing staff do not have resources to focus attention or cost reduction plans where support is needed to right-size a company.

Profit Enhancement

 A unique approach developed to truly understand the activities and their costs associated with serving customers allowing the company to fully understand where the unprofitable customers and business segments are in any organization.


Jim Smith

Jim Smith is the founding partner of CFO Synergy. He brings a wealth of CFO level experience to public, private equity, private and government clients.

Success Stories

Customer Pricing Issues

A small $15 Million automotive parts and manufacturing company had over 20 years of profitable history in a quiet USA town. The products were relatively simple stamped steel parts that were welded with minimal automation and produced in relatively high volume. This small company turned from historic profit to monthly losses of about 5 percent of sales. Management was shocked, in disbelief and uncertain as to how to proceed to turn this trend around.

Professional Seminars

Training is an essential activity in most successful companies. Staff members cannot be expected to perform at peak levels without adequate training. Professional development courses offered by universities or professional associations often have a very general orientation due to the diversity of the audience.

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