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Seminar Series

Training is an essential activity in most successful companies

Staff members cannot be expected to perform at peak levels without adequate training. Professional development courses offered by universities or professional associations often have a very general orientation due to the diversity of the audience.

At CFO Synergy, Inc., we are prepared to develop customized professional training seminars for your in-house needs. The seminars will be drawn from our Mini Seminar series but tailored to your specific company needs and issues. The seminars can also be entirely customized to the specific training needs you require.

The articles were written about and the speaking engagements of Jim Smith, illustrate his abilities in a training environment. You will receive the skills of "hands-on training" with the experience of "real life" examples and customized case studies.

Each Professional Seminar Series is custom-built for the organization. The next step is to contact Jim Smith. We will contact you immediately to identify your specific needs, determine the plan for seminar development and provide a quote for services.

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